Bering Connect

Welcome to Bering Connect. Our mission is to serve the spiritual needs of our community. We began in 1986, by offering support to those living with HIV and AIDS in the Houston area. We believe that our weekly Bering Spiritual Support Group is the longest running HIV/AIDS support group in the country. It was then and is still open to anyone affected by this disease as well as their families and friends.

In addition to the spiritual support and fellowship that we offer to those living with HIV and their loved ones, we also provide individual spiritual counseling, regularly scheduled grief support programs and workshops on topics of interest to the community including relationship studies and the issue of "gay shame."

We are a ministry of the Bering United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. But EVERYONE is welcome to attend our programs. We are a spiritual group, we do meet in a church, but we are NOT preachy!

All are welcome.

Let us Support You!

Bering Connect serves the HIV and GLBT communities and their friends and families, by providing spiritual support, pastoral counseling, and peer support groups in a confidential and nurturing space.

Phone: 713-526-1017 x 206

Hawthorne Street and Mulberry Street
Houston, Texas 77006

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